Date: May 201 Hi guys, I made the EBC trekking with Norsang the last March-April 2012 for 15 days. At the beginning, my boyfriend and I weren’t so sure to hire a guide without passing form an agency, but saw post on Internet and we called Norsang. We met him; he was really prepared and planned the entire journey showing us all the steps. He asked us the entire amount before to Lukla and this was really odd for us, in Italy we usually don’t pay everything before, how can we trust a guide coming from Nepal without any guarantee? But we trusted, and it was worthy! Norsang chose for us the best lodges, he follows you every step you take, answers all the questions and knows everything about Everest Region! Jangbu Sherpa, our porter is a very nice guy; both of them are a nice company after the hard trekking. We played cards together, Norsang taught me a Nepalese card game, it was really funny to spend some time with him! You can choose everything you want from the menu and he offers you tea and coffee in every occasion. Another thing of utmost importance is that he doesn’t make you rush in going up, he know every symptom of altitude sickness and is completely aware of you condition during the trip. We actually had no big problem of altitude even because we listened to him and his advices. Norsang is a real, genuine Nepalese guy, a faithful guide, polite and fully prepared. I strongly recommend Norsang Lama to anyone wants to do this amazing experience. This is my recommend Norsang Lam to anyone wants to do this amazing experience. This is my email:, you can ask me anything about the trekking and Norsang and I can send you photos and I can give u in private my mobile if you do not trust, like we did at first sight!! Enjoy your trek with Norsang!!!
- Barbara Muntoni Italy
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