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The EBC trekking with Norsang.

Everest View Hotel
Barbara Muntoni
May 5, 2012

I made the EBC trekking with Norsang the last March-April 2012 for 15 days. At the beginning, my boyfriend and I weren’t so sure to hire a guide without passing form an agency, but saw post on Internet and we called Norsang. We met him; he was really prepared and planned the entire journey showing us all the steps. He asked us the entire amount before to Lukla and this was really odd for us, in Italy we usually don’t pay everything before, how can we trust a guide coming from Nepal without any guarantee? But we trusted, and it was worthy! Norsang chose for us the best lodges, he follows you every step you take, answers all the questions and knows everything about Everest Region! Jangbu Sherpa, our porter is a very nice guy; both of them are a nice company after the hard trekking. We played cards together, Norsang taught me a Nepalese card game, it was really funny to spend some time with him! You can choose everything you want from the menu and he offers you tea and coffee in every occasion. Another thing of utmost importance is that he doesn’t make you rush in going up, he know every symptom of altitude sickness and is completely aware of you condition during the trip. We actually had no big problem of altitude even because we listened to him and his advices. Norsang is a real, genuine Nepalese guy, a faithful guide, polite and fully prepared. I strongly recommend Norsang Lama to anyone wants to do this amazing experience. This is my recommend Norsang Lam to anyone wants to do this amazing experience. This is my email:, you can ask me anything about the trekking and Norsang and I can send you photos and I can give u in private my mobile if you do not trust, like we did at first sight!!

Enjoy your trek with Norsang!!!

The Annapurna Circuit plus Base Camp for 20 days.

Annapurna Circuit
Imogen BoSmith
Lodon, UK
February 1, 2012

My boyfriend and I also use this guide whilst we were out in Nepal – we were recommended by a friend who used him when she did Everest Base Camp. We decided to do the Annapurna Circuit plus Base Camp.

We met with Norsang in Thamel when we arrived in Nepal and we told him what we wanted to do and how much time we had etc. He told us about a few trips that were possible and we eventually came up with this one.

It was the most amazing trip and wouldn’t have been the same without him and Ngema our porter (Norsang’s nephew).

We spent 20 days trekking in November 2011 and Norsang was able to answer all of our questions from the birds to the trees to the mountains and religion. It was a very cultural trek with so much history.

Some people say that it is possible to do the trek without a guide, which may be true but you miss so much when you are on your own and we learnt such a lot from Norsang which meant that we understood so much more of Nepal when we visited different areas.

We paid all of our money to him up front, which we were dubious about at the start as we didn’t know him but I wouldn’t say that this was a problem at all.

He made sure we were happy and safe and had full bellies at all times and made sure that we knew everything about altitude sickness which we didn’t get in the end thanks to his slower pace higher up and acclimatization walks. We also took Diamox, under his recommendation and we were both fine and only suffered a bit of tingling in our face (a side effect of the drug)!

I would recommend Norsang to ANYONE that was thinking about going Trekking in Nepal, I would love to go back and visit him and do another trek with him when I have the time! There are so many guides out there that claim to do everything that he does but I wouldn’t choose anyone without a recommendation because you hear so many stories about dodgy guides and it would be so sad to lose your money and have a bad experience.

Feel free to Email me if you have any questions and enjoy your trek!

Gokyo Lake/Ri 5357m Trek with Norsang.

Gokyo Ri
Mark Norman
London, UK
November 7, 2011

I went to Nepal this past October (2011) and trekked to Gokyo Lake/Ri 5357m high with Norsang and High Camp Trekking after reading the recommendations on internet. Thanks! He was completely brilliant, from start to finish. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and professional, but also a wonderful person. We went on great acclimatization hikes, which seemed to not be a given with all guides, and when we had problems with illness he recommended we take an extra rest day at Dole rather than Marchhermo, which was completely the right decision. For inexperienced trekkers such as ourselves, it was great to have someone we could completely trust with us.

If I go to Nepal again (When, hopefully…) I would definitely go with Norsang again. I recommend his company to anyone, irrespective of experience. If you have any questions please e-mail.

Have a fun in Nepal, its an awesome place!


I highly recommend High Camp Trekking.

Dolpo Trek
Eric Vienot
June 12, 2011

C’est le troisième trek que j’ai fait avec Norsang Lama ( La première fois dans le Kangchenjunga en 2004, puis un combiné Mustang-Dolpo en 2009 et en 2011 un trek de 29 jours : les vallées de Naar et Phu, le thorung-la et le Mustang d’est en ouest. Parfaite organisation, aussi bien en camping qu’en Lodge, convivialité, professionnalisme. La préparation fut aisée, les échanges de mail rapides. Norsang comprend très bien votre envie et propose des itinéraires bien adaptés. C’est une petite agence très sérieuse et au niveau des prix très bien placée. Je recommande vivement.

That is the third trek I have done with Norsang Lama. The first time in Kangchenjunga in 2004, then in Mustang-Dolpo in 2009 and in 2011 a 29 days’ trek: the valleys of Naar and Phu, Thorong-la and Mustang from east to west. It’s perfect organization for camping and also Lodge trek, conviviality, professionalism. The preparation has been easy; mails’ exchanges have been quick. Norsang understands very well what you feel like doing and offers adapted itineraries. That is a small agency very serious which offers good prices. I highly recommend High Camp Trekking Pvt. Ltd and managing/guide services for Trekking in Nepal.

Thank you very much!

The Annapurna Cirucit with guide – Sanjay Lama

Thorong Phedi
Javier Haro
Barcelona (España)
May 4, 2011

Somos una pareja española que hemos hecho el trek circular del Annapurna con Sanjaya Lama, de High Camp Treking, agencia regentada por él mismo, su hermano Norsang Lama y su padre Chheduk Man Lama. Recomendamos vivamente esta empresa familiar a quien esté interesado en conocer Nepal, sea la actividad que sea la que tengáis pensado llevar a cabo en el país. Corroboramos absolutamente todo lo que podréis leer en su página web.

El trato que ofrecen es de lo más familiar que os podáis imaginar y se nota que aman su país y sus montañas. Desde el momento en que llegas a Katmandú se convierten en vuestro ángel de la guarda. No te dejan ni a sol ni a sombra, con la ventaja de que están perfectamente preparados para ejercer también de guías turísticos: capaces de explicar sus religiones principales y, en consecuencia, todo lo que ves en los múltiples templos que vas visitando. De este modo, se convierten con total naturalidad en amigos, maîtres en todas las comidas, relaciones públicas (te consiguen la mejor habitación posible en los diversos lodges) y todo lo que queráis…
Además, se adaptarán perfectamente a vuestras necesidades particulares tal como nos ocurrió a nosotros, que precisábamos algún día libre en Kathmandu para asuntos privados y Sanjaya no dudo en ofrecerse a acompañarnos fuera de programa haciendo de traductor, consiguiéndonos taxis, etc.

Por último, otra de sus grandes ventajas es que al tratarse de una empresa familiar, están en condiciones de ofrecer unos precios altamente competitivos en comparación con cualquier otra agencia de Nepal. Para cualquier información adicional podéis escribirme a:

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