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Gosainkunda Lake and Helambu October 2023

Norsang with the French group
jerome le bidois
December 16, 2023

I have trekked for years in various regions of Nepal, many times with Norsang during the past 20 years. I decided this year to do the same trek that I did in 1994 with friends. But this year, I took my 4 grandchildren, aged 12 to 16, wanting to give them a love for Nepal, the Nepalis, and the fantastic mountain landscapes. I did not even think about doing this without Norsang, who not only became a friend after all these years but who is exceptionally dependable in all types of situations. So was he this year, as expected. Everything was perfectly organized: transportation from Kathmandu to Bharku, hotels and lodges, meals, and of course the walking hours where he was very attentive to the safety and well-being of the group.

I am not sure whether or not I will go trekking again (I would love to, but I am 70 now), but for sure, if I do, I’ll do it again with my friend Norsang. What’s more, his rates are beautiful and there are never any nasty surprises, so I don’t need to discuss prices with him. Don’t look somewhere else: he is the best! Jerome

Mera Peak Trek and Summit 2023

Mera Peak
Jan Sovicek
Czech Republic
November 25, 2023

We did a 15-day trek starting in Lukla and then going through Puiya, Panngom, Kothe, Khare, Mera peak summit, and then back to Lukla via Zartwa La high pass. For the first 5 days, we hiked through the Nepali jungle, which was surprisingly the hardest part of the trek. The paths there were very steep, often filled with mud and rocky stones, which made them physically demanding. We also encountered some leaches and a snake, which we did not expect. Otherwise, the trees, flowers, and waterfalls were stunning. The jungle ended in Kothe and from there onwards we trekked up through a valley covered in small bushes and grass with snow-covered peaks on either side. Pretty much the ideal Himalayan scene that one imagines. The glacier on Mera Peak was very compact and easy to walk on.

Norsang, our guide, and our two porters were all very helpful and always in a good mood. Norsang was excellent in organizing the flight to Lukla, accommodation, and food. All our meals were included in the price of the trek and we were never left hungry with Norsang always asking if we wanted a second portion. The acclimatization was well planned with acclimatization hikes at higher altitudes. Hence, we only experienced a mild headache. The only issue we encountered was with hiring glacier equipment in Khare as they only had semi-automatic crampons, that did not fit our boots which could only take touristic crampons with straps. Therefore, we had to hire alpine boots, which unfortunately were unavailable in sizes larger than 45. Hence some of us had to walk in boots that were slightly smaller, which made the descent rather unpleasant. Therefore, if you have a shoe size larger than 45, I recommend bringing your own alpine boots.

It was cold and windy on the summit day, -16°C, but under Norsang’s leadership, the ascent felt comfortable and safe. The sunrise and the views were amazing. Overall, it was a great experience, and we would definitely use Norsang’s service again for more trekking in Nepal.

Langtang Valley Trek March 2023

Kyanjin Ri
Colin Turner
143 Durnford Street, Plymouth, PL1 3QR
March 24, 2023

The three of us had an amazing week trekking the Langtang Valley. Norsang’s brother, Samden was our guide and was an excellent trek leader. We felt safe and supported at all times with Ganga and Maila Tamang as our porters.

This was the first time in Nepal for all of us and it was really helpful being picked up from the airport and having our first few nights arranged at Hotel Utse in Thamel.

With Samden’s encouragement, we were all able to reach Kyanjin Ri’s summit despite a 4:30 am start, snow, and mild altitude sickness.

Thanks again to Samden, Norsang, Ganga, and Maila for such a great experience and for being so helpful.

My friend Elena and me,

Tamang Heritate Trail
Violeta Gonzalez
March 10, 2023

My friend Elena and me, both from Spain, decided to do the Tamang Heritage Trail Trek for 5 days with Norsang in February 2023. Thanks to a friend who did a recommendation, Norsang Lama. We contacted him and it was such a good experience. We are very thankful for having experienced these days in the middle of the mountains. It was something memorable!! Thank you Norsang, you made it easy!

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Justin Morande
October 4, 2022

Ahhh, where to even begin! We trekked the Manaslu Circuit with High Camp Trekking and the entire experience from booking the trek to the very last day was not only easy but enjoyable. When planning and booking the trek, Norsang Lama went above and beyond compared to other guide agencies that also gave me a quote. He created the most comprehensive itinerary outlining every detail. Furthermore, before I had even committed to using High Camp Trekking, Norsang showed me around Thamel directing me to the best gear stores! For the trek, we were guided by Sanjay Lama, Norsang’s brother. Sanjay Lama was a great guide and companion to have on the trail. He navigated the challenging trails gathering information from locals and other guides about trail closures and dangerous areas. With heavy monsoon rains and the changing of the seasons the trail does not always follow what is shown on paper or digital maps. Often times Sanjay would use information from locals to detour around dangerous landslide areas, something we would not have been able to do alone. Sanjay Lama also helped us connect with the place and people on a deeper level. He would share information about his religion and culture connecting it to what we were seeing and experiencing on the trail. When we stopped for lunch, reached our teahouse, or even passed a local on the trail, he would have conversations with other Nepalis and then share what he learned with us! Sanjay Lama also showed adaptability during our trek; we were supposed to do a multi-day side trip into the Tsum Valley but active landslides in the area after Lokpha forced us to change our plans. We ended up spending more time on the main circuit taking day trips to the remote Pung Gyen Gompa and the Manaslu base camp amongst other places. After the trek finished, Sanjay Lama knew that I would be in Kathmandu for another week and told me that I could reach out if I needed help with anything.
I would highly recommend using High Camp Trekking and if I ever do another trek in Nepal, I will absolutely be booking another guide through this agency.

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