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Welcome to “Tibet”- a land of Buddhist culture tradition, awesome landscape, artistic monasteries, and centuries-old caravan trails, it is a destination out of the ordinary.

It’s surrounded by 4 of the world’s 10 highest peaks, the Tibet plateau famed as the “Roof of the world”; the average altitude is above 4000m high. The mountain Qomolangma (Everest) is situated between Tibet and Nepal with an 8848m high which is the highest peak in the world.

Tibet has a long historical culture. Ancient remains show that human beings lined here from 4 to 20 thousand years ago. Tibetans are so diligent and brave that they create vital and diverse cultural customs. This is a nation filled with special traditional culture, a rich tapestry woven with legends, myths; rituals, festivals, and a nation that keep on dancing and singing.

Tibet covers an area of 102 million square km and has a population of 2.3 million, however, the 3rd longest virgin forest with plenty of evergreen trees is found here. Wild animals are indicative of Tibet abound natural heritage. Wild cattle, donkey, yellow lamb, antelope, roe-deer, deer, leopard, tiger, bear, wolf, lynx, otter, snow pig, snow chicken, and yellow duck, etc. The nature reserves and extensive wilderness make Tibet a virgin land for ecological travel.

Due to the different geographical conditions, temperatures of the South grassland and North Plateau differ sharply. The South is warm and rainy. The mean annual temperature is 8 degrees centigrade with the lowest – 16-degree centigrade, the highest 16 degrees centigrade in July. The most rain falls from May to September. The North climate belongs to a continual climate. The mean annual temperature is below 0-degree centigrade. Freeze time covers a half year. The highest temperature is less than 10-degree centigrade in July. It is warm from June to August. It is a relatively dry area in the North. The weather differs sharply during day and night. The best time for traveling is from March to October.

There can do city sightseeing, trekking, mountaineering and mountain biking, etc.

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