• Chairman - Chheduk Man Lama Namaste (Greetings)! From Kathmandu/Nepal. I am Chheduk Man Lama, Chairman of High Camp Trekking Pvt. Ltd. I was born in Kavre, Nepal in 1952. I have been working as a Sirdar/Guide since 1975. I worked for the popular commercial trekking companies in 1975 to 1999. I have traveled as a guiding person to peaks through India's Ladhak, Kashmir, Darjeeling, Bhutan's capital Thimpu, Pakistan K-2 Base Camp and China/Tibet's Everest Advance Base Camp (North side), Lhasa, Xigatse, Manasrover Lake, Mt. Kailash, Purang, Tirthapuri, Kuka. I visited USA for three months in 1993. In addition, I led trekking and mountaineers group, Nepal treks and climbing expeditions to Mt. Kanchenjanga (8585m, the world's highest peak) and to Mt. Dhaulagiri (8167m, the world's sixth highest peak) in 1994, to Mt. Makalu (8463m, the world's fifth highest peaks in 1996 and to a large number of popular trekking peaks - Island, Mera, Labuche, Nayakang, Kusumkangaru and Pisang peak etc. I provided services to many clients and gain a lot of knowledge about trekking and mountaineering which is still helping to provide excellent services to clients. I am working on my own trekking Trekking Agency: High Camp Trekking with my three sons (Norsang, Sanjay and Samden) as our family business now. I have more than 30 years experience in trekking and mountaineering field which I want to share with clients and generation. I am still physically fit as a trekking guide as well. I wish our clients have an enjoyable fun and memorable trek and climbing in Nepal Himalaya with our guide. Thank very much!
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  • Manager - Norsang Lama Namaste! Everyone, I am Norsang Lama, manager of High Camp Trekking. I was born in Kavre, Nepal in 1979. I have been starting Trekking jobs since 1998. My dad was successful guide and I joined on his team as a porter in the beginning. I worked as porter for 3 years and been popular trekking destinations of Nepal. I got opportunity to learn the name of mountains, villages, geography of Nepal and people of mountains thru my dad. I went to Nepal Academy of Tourism & Hotel Management and successfully completed the Trekking Guide course/training in 2001. Then, I worked as an assistance guide for my dad's large group for two years. Then after, I worked on my own trekking jobs as a professional guide and have successfully led to clients all above 8000m mountains base camp and high passes trek in Nepal in the past years. Before I started manager jobs at High Camp Trekking, I learned a vast knowledge about adventure tourism sector of Nepal which is making easy to supply information of any destinations of Nepal and organize cost as perfect corresponding from an organizer. You are all "Welcome to High Camp Trekking".