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Nepal is a trekking paradise for trekkers since the 1960s because the Himalayas is the main attraction of tourists. Trekking through villages, valleys, and high mountain passes are the main activities of trekkers in Nepal. There are treks suitable for a range of experiences and physical fitness. The popular trekking destination visits thousands of trekkers every year. Some of the trekkers complain too crowded in popular trekking destinations such as Annapurna and Everest. Trekking duration and destination can be customized based on your desires. Upper Dolpa and Mustang treks are in the rain shadow areas. Trekkers can find a trail at any time of year. Some of the beautiful trekking destinations are not still popular because of a lack of promotion. We promote camping-style hiking activity in the less crowded trekking areas of Nepal as the High Camp Trekking special is offered. We take to novice to veteran travelers unfrequented visit areas of Nepal where they can feel trekking like back in an era. The camping trek is organized with fully supported by the guide, cook, and porters to go with you.

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