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Indoor Rock Climbing in Kathmandu

Indoor Rock Climbing is on an artificial wall. The Astrek Climbing Wall and Kathmandu Sport Climbing Wall are at Thamel (tourist center) in Kathmandu. You can do top rope, bouldering, and led climb walls in these two indoor climbing gym centers. There are welcome not only expert climbers but also beginners and experienced staff who help you get off the ground and look after your safety. The beginners can take a private class of basic climbing lessons indoors by a qualified instructor. You can rent climbing gears at these climbing gym centers.

Outdoor Rock Climbing in Nepal

Rock Climbing

Outdoor Rock Climbing is on a real rock out there in nature. We organize natural rock climbing for beginners, amateurs, and professionals to learn easy, medium, and hard climbs. Our guide knows the cliffs well and can give you good techniques on how to do these climbs safely. There is a number of natural rock climbing sites in Nepal.

Nagarjun cliffs:

Nagarjun climbing sport is the nearest natural rock climbing site about 3km away from Thamel (tourist center) in Kathmandu. This sports site is located inside Nagarjun Shivapuri National Park on the western side of the valley. There are 17 climbing routes about 15m to 35m tall from 5A to 6C+ including 2 multi-pitch routes. Most of these routes are bolted for sport climbing with bolted anchors at the top of each route.

Hattiban cliffs:

Hattiban climbing sport is the southwest of the valley also known as Pharping that has great natural cliffs. It is about 20km away from Thamel (tourist center) in Kathmandu. It takes about an hour’s drive to reach Pharping and half an hour hike up toward the pine forest. There are three different climbing sports sites of 14 technical routes from 5B to 6C+ grade including a couple of slight overhang routes on the limestone cliffs. There are mostly single-pitch climbing routes, all bolted for sport climbing with the bolted anchor at the top of each route.

Bimalnagar cliffs:

Bimalnagar rock climbing site is located away from Kathmandu about 140km southwest in Nepal. It takes about 5hrs drive to reach Bimalganar on the way to Pokhara. It has more than 35 climbing routes from grade 5A to 8A+ including 4 multi-pitches on the natural rock. Some of the climbing routes are with a height of 55m. The routes are bolted for sport climbing with bolted anchors at the top of each route. Bimalnagar cliff is good for beginners to expert climbers.

We need some climbing gear for natural rock climbing. This is as follows.

  • Climbing Helmet.
  • Climbing Harness.
  • Rock shoes.
  • Chalk powder and bag.
  • Belay device (ATC Guide).
  • Lock carabiners.
  • Quickdraws.
  • Climbing rope.
  • Trouser.
  • Sunglass.
  • Safety cord.
  • Prusik cord.
  • Climbing rope.

There are also several bolted routes with bolted anchors for the Rock climbing en-route of the Everest trek.

Hattiban cliff
Norsang Lama

Register your interest in future Rock climbing in Nepal. We are here and ready to accept your booking. We will keep you up-to-date with preparation advice and no payment required until the trip is confirmed to operate.

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